29th November 2011



i am just ready for these next three weeks to get over and done with and all this overwhelming stress to just go away! Its hard enough trying to maintain some good grades and get other grades up bc i screwed up in the beginning but now im financially stressed out too because i have almost no money and half of the little i had went to the damn towing company! i need to find a job in btown asap. and than theres also people up my ass about almost everything! I just need to deal with one thing at a time righ now and i honestly dont have the energy or time to make everyone in my life happy as well as studying 24/7 and not getting any sleep just to get a decent score on a test because i was cursed with the horrible test taking gene! ahhh can it please please pleaseee be December 16 yet?! alright stress breakdown is over. now to study for the next 2 hours and wake up for class in 4..